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Proactive Coaching

All Studio VIA staff is trained to teach dance classes addressing character values first.  This allows dancers to develop the tools necessary to be self driven artists and intentionally creates a positive & supportive team culture.  Staff also takes the time to teach "how" to execute dance technique properly through educating dancers in anatomy and biomechanics.

Teaching Theory:

"Dance is an art, the technique a science and the medium is human striving to become the best they can be." 


Our Promises:

  •  Studio VIA provides high quality dance education from teachers with both higher education levels and professional experiences in dance.

  •  Studio VIA promises to maintain small class sizes so that students receive the attention they deserve.

  •  Studio VIA provides students with cutting edge training opportunities and an education in anatomy and kinesiology.

  •  Studio VIA welcomes dancers of all ages and experience levels.

  •  Studio VIA provides a convenient and safe environment for students to learn and develop as dancers.

  •  Studio VIA provides students with a Harlequin Marley dance floor, professional mirrors and ballet barres.

  • Studio VIA promises to coach the character first and give students the tools necessary to be self driven artists.

  • Studio VIA promises to intentionally create a positive and supportive team culture and family atmosphere.

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