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VIA is defined as - by the way of; through the medium of.  We chose "VIA" as our name because a dancer's medium is their body and we express ourselves "through the way" of dance.  Express yourself "via" dance!

Studio VIA’s logo represents the collaboration of art and science in dance education and performance.  The square and circle imitate Leonardo da Vinci’s sketch of the Vitruvian Man and represent the importance of kinesiology and biomechanics education when learning the technique of dance.  Interweaving the circle and square represents creativity and freedom of movement found in the art of dance.

Logo 2010 - 2020 

In 2020 Studio VIA felt it was time to update our look.  The world was changing and so are we!  Dance is for everyone and we felt strongly to remove the female figure depicted on our logo but also maintain the circle and square that has defined our teaching theories and business practices.

Our updated look

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